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Owners, Brad and Tanna Nicely, began Sycamore Sign Service with the goal of becoming the country's premier wholesale field services company. With Brad's Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Tennessee and experience in the sign industry since 1993 with some of the sign industry's largest national sign companies and Tanna's marketing and customer service abilities, Sycamore Sign Service has quickly become exactly what they envisioned.
Why the name "Sycamore" Sign Service? When Brad and Tanna bought their farm in 1995, the farm contained many large Sycamore trees. Sycamores are known to be one of the largest, strongest, most hardy and longest living trees in the world. When deciding on a name for their business, what better choice to symbolize their company?
The Sycamore tree symbolizes protection, divinity, eternity, and strength. It appears in the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" and the Holy Bible. The Sycamore that towers over Brandywine Battlefield Park in Pennsylvania, was already 168 years old when it sheltered the troops of Generals Washington and Lafayette at the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. Americans have transformed the uprooted Sycamore tree at Ground Zero in New York City into a symbol of protection, hope and strength. When the World Trade Towers collapsed on September 11, 2001, a 70 year-old Sycamore tree fell, it's branches shielded the St. Paul's Chapel, a part of Trinity Church, across the street from the towers from falling debris. St. Paul's Chapel served as a base for rescue and recovery operations after September 11th. Though the tree did not survive, the Sycamore's role as the chapel's protector has been memorialized by artist Steve Tobin. Tobin cast the tree's remaining stump and root system in bronze to create a 20 foot long, 12 foot high life-like sculpture. The piece was installed in the Trinity courtyard and dedicated on September 11, 2005.
The tree in the photo is one of the actual Sycamore trees on the Nicely farm in Blaine, TN. For an idea of the size of the tree, beside it, you can see Brad's full-size, 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup. This tree is one of several on the farm.

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Owner of a retail shop in Pigeon Forge

Thank you. You have an amazing crew. They did a kick(butt) job. They were fast and did everything right. Thank you so much. I am going to recommend you to everyone. Again, thank you so much.

Client Logo
National Sign Company Field Coordinator

That was one of the most detailed surveys I have ever received. Thank you! very well done.

Client Logo
Senior Project Manager at an international sign company

you are my favorite installer

Client Logo
Executive Vice President of Operations at a national sign company

Brad is a problem solver and he proactively attacks potential road blocks with a passion that few people are able to maintain. He does what he says he will do at a minimum and often improves upon those expectations. His experience in all facets of the signage and project management business make him a valuable asset. Brad is a trusted partner and I highly recommend him to people inside and outside of our company.

Client Logo
Senior Project Manager for a national sign company

You guys do amazing work!

Client Logo
General Manager for an Automotive dealership in the Knoxville area

Your crews were awesome. They did a great job!

Client Logo
National Account Manager for large regional sign company​

Thank you Brad. I had a meeting with the President of Corporate Properties in Memphis on Monday, and he was very pleased with the timing and how smoothly the MNB Conversion went – so thank you for all you did!

Client Logo
Director of Architectural Remodel Construction with national sign and construction company

I have worked with Brad in the past as a colleague and known him for over 10 years....he is a very smart talented individual. He knows the sign industry inside out...and I can always rely on Brad to make the right decisions. Brad is an engineer by education and uses that skill set to enhance his sign installation business operation. You get 2 for the price of 1. Brad is ethical, focused and provides the best value. I would recommend Brad and his company for any signage installation and service maintenance projects.

Client Logo
Director, Project Management at a nation sign company

Brad, has a vast knowledge of the sign industry. He exceeds expectations when it comes to quality and customer service. Brad's technical background allows him to excel in the sign industry.

Client Logo
Former Project Manager at a national sign company

I have worked with Brad for the last twenty years and I would recommend Brad and his company for any size project as I know it will be handled in a professional and timely manor.

Client Logo
Project Manager for a national sign company

perfect as always!!!!

Client Logo
Owner of a nationally recognized Engineering firm

Brad is highly knowledgeable of various aspects of the sign industry; his technical educational background coupled with his increasingly responsible corporate management roles uniquely qualify him to offer his services to the industry at large. Brad is extremely honest, immensely loyal, and possesses exceptional work ethic. Brad is an Innovative thinker and a natural leader focused on people and outstanding results.

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Owner of a regional Marketing and Advertising Company

Thank you again for all of your help at last minute. You all did an excellent job and I could not have made my deadline without you all.

Client Logo
Senior Project Manager at an international sign company

Brad and company have completed several installations. On time, on budget. Highly recommended!

Client Logo
Project Manager at a national sign company

Brad provides great customer service. He is quick to answer phone calls and emails. He always completes the job on budget and in a timely manner.

Client Logo
National Sales Manager for a national sign company

I wanted to recommend an excellent installer in my area. He worked as a Sr. PM and managed the entire installer / sub-contractor base for ImagePoint for 20 years. He started his own business after ImagePoint failed doing installations. He is an honest, dependable guy who does what he says he will do.

Client Logo
Project Manager at an international sign company

Thank you so much for the fast survey! You guys rock!!

Client Logo
Assistant Installation Coordinator at an international sign company

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your help! I will send you all People's vinyl requests that I get now

Client Logo
Project Manager for international sign company.

Brad is proactive with all respects to any project and can see things other people may not. He recommends top notch solutions to save time and money. He is my go to installer in the region he works in.

Client Logo
Owner, regional sign company

Brad is one of the most honest, fair and intelligent people in our field. He is highly respected in the sign industry and rightfully so. I can recommend Brad and his company for any of their services that you may need. He will always be fair, reliable and honest. It is an honor to know Brad and call him my friend.

Client Logo
Construction Manager for banking firm in an e-mail to our customer, a national sign company

I wanted to give you a big THANK YOU and compliment your vendor Brad Nicely for helping us out today at Asheville Highway. His guys were very professional and very helpful.

Client Logo
Project Manager at a national sign company

Y'all are the best! Thanks!

Client Logo
Senior Project Manager for a national sign and maintenance company

Kudos to you and your crew for doing an outstanding job!

Client Logo
Construction Superintendent from a large General Contractor

Your men are fantastic and there willingness to work together was ideal in our situation. I commend you and your team! Thanks!!!

Client Logo
Engineering Manager at international sign company

I would strongly recommend Brad for any sign related installation service that you or your company may be considering. Having worked with Brad for many years, he has always displayed a high level of integrity and industry knowledge. He is extremely professional in everything that he does.

National Sales Representative with a national sign company

I must say this is one of the best surveys I’ve ever gotten. Definitely got my $$s worth..

From local sign company owner

….it arrived in good condition - you guys did a great job from fab to crating to customer service...we installed today!

From a national sign company Sr. Project Manager.

Thank you so much again for your tremendous help and dedication on this project. This job site was a mess and we appreciate you all working through it.